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The do's and don'ts of office romance


Sure, we all are looking for some kind of relationship. We keep on looking everywhere for it and if it is the case, we might end up finding one at our own office. It is a place where there are people of both genders and this means that there is always a chance to click with someone. 

It is easy to get involved with someone at the office but you need to take into consideration some details: 

Keep it a secret at first

When starting dating someone at the office, at first, it is safe to keep it discreet. Try to not draw attention to your relationship as if it doesn’t work out in the end, everyone will be aware of it. So, try to keep it as casual as possible while at the office and stay away from gossip as well. 

Announce your relationship

When both parties have decided that they are interested in each other and that they are opened to a relationship, in order to not let other people speak for themselves is better to announce it slowly around the office. You might take part together in different events or just tell some of your colleagues the truth. 

Never start dating someone just for fun

Do not start dating someone at this office just for the fun of it. This might end up badly and you might get hurt. Also, is very difficult to work with the same person in the same office after an adventure like that. Always be sure of what you want and if you are not, just let the other person know if this is working out for you or not. Never lead on the person itself because it is going to become very painful in the future. 

Never date someone married 

Do not start dating someone who is already married or in a relationship. This is going to complicate things and it will end up badly. People will start finding out and you will be known as that person that has ruined relationships or marriages. Don’t be that person, just don’t. 

Always keep it casual

Even if you are in a serious relationship or even married and you both work at the same office, it is always better to keep it casual. This means that there is no need for you to display your love on a regular basis. You see each other every single day; you do not need to keep the same relationship between the two of you at the office. Also, it is not professional of you to PDA while you are at the office. You have the rest of the day to do that. 

Do not date everyone in the office

If you like people at the office, this doesn’t mean that you need to start to actually date everyone. You need to be certain and just choose one and not go from one flower to another. It isn’t a good look for you too.