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The do's and don'ts of office romance


Sure, we all are looking for some kind of relationship. We keep on looking everywhere for it and if it is the case, we might end up finding one at our own office. It is a place where there are people of both genders and this means that there is always a chance to click with someone. 

It is easy to get involved with someone at the office but you need to take into consideration some details: 

He Went Back to His Ex - Now What?


As we go through life there are different situations that we need to face on a daily basis. Relationships seem to be the ones that hurt us the most. There are people getting into relationships with the wrong people and they are the ones who end up hurt. 

There are a lot of situations of people who get into relationships with people who have just separated from others and they are looking for something easy. After the situation has cooled off, it often happens for this person to go back to the ex. 

What can you do in this sort of a situation?

5 Tips For Dating An Introvert

People come in different shapes and sizes as they come in different personalities. Nowadays, we are bombarded about how people have different personalities and these can actually affect relationships with people. 

When starting dating someone new, of course you do not want to put that person in a box, but you need to actually have an idea for why that person behaves in a certain way. 

Dating an introvert is part of these situations. 

Here are some tips on dating such a person: